Refund Policy

   Trading Cards are an asset, and as such are traded daily between buyers and sellers. If an asset falls in value after you purchased it, that does not mean you can return said asset as you are taking a risk buying the asset in hopes of its value going up, but it can also go down. Card Stock-Exchange does not allow returns on items simply because the value of the item dropped. We allow returns on a case-by- case basis for reasons such as the item you received was not the item you ordered (for example the item was fake), or the item was significantly damaged when it arrived to you and this damage was not previously disclosed by the seller. Our team will review each return case and make the final judgement.

Return time window : A user is only allowed to return a card within a 3-day (72 hour) window from when the package says “delivered” status as per the shipping company. If a package is sent without tracking, then the user can return a card within a 5-day window of when the card is marked as shipped by the seller. This time window is designed to limit return requests and increase the asset turnover for our sellers.

Returns for graded cards : There are no returns for graded cards as their condition and authenticity is already verified. If a graded card has a damaged case that was not specified by the seller, then this may warrant a return as per requirement two above. However, if the seller did divulge this information and it was made apparent to the buyer prior to the purchase then there is no return warranted here.

How to request a return : A buyer must submit photos and prove the item fulfills one of the above requirements warranting a return. The final decision is made at the discretion of the Card Stock- Exchange team. The goal is to limit returns in cases where the card value has dropped since the buyer made their purchase as this is not a legitimate reason to return a card. A player’s injury is also not a legitimate reason for return.

Returns for lost items : If a buyer never received their item, then they can request a refund but any lost mail due to the postal carrier used is not the burden of Card Stock-Exchange and must be resolved between the buyer and seller and the postal service carrier.