The portfolio is a revolutionary feature brought to the trading card space. On our dashboard, users can track the value of their cards daily and view their total inventory and profit/ loss for the day based on the current market value for their cards.


   We have designed our marketplace to provide users with the most efficient search system ever found in the trading card industry. Users can search cards using pre- populated titles and automatically view the best graded cards for the cheapest price, thus shortening their time spent searching. Our filters are designed to let users compare cards utilizing any feature they can think of. If you wanted to compare a Luka Doncic Panini Prizm Red, Blue and Orange Rookie at the same time, now you can!

Selling and Item – Trading Card Title Standardization

   Welcome to the era of trading card standardization. Card Stock-Exchange has designed the most efficient way to upload your trading cards as now all the titles have been created for you! Simply select a sport, year and brand and then let our system do the rest! As you begin typing in the title of the card, you will see a drop-down list containing the exact title of your card. From there, select the title and input a few more fields before listing your card to our marketplace!